Paris-based Breega closes €250M fund, opens Barcelona office to back Iberian startups

2017-08-24_00h03_35 IT総合
Paris-originated VC Breega wasn’t enormously well-known in the VC world (it only closed its 1st fund in 2015) until, perhaps, it started attracting attention with its second €110 million Seed fund, just under a year go. It’s portfolio now includes a number of scale-ups including Moneybox, Cuvva, Coverflex and Libeo. Perhaps part of its ‘secret sauce’ is how it has managed to put together an in house-team of experts in growth, talent, and comms, of which more later.
Suffice it to say, Breega seems to be punching all the right numbers. It’s now closed a €250 million venture fund, enabling it to